Return Policy

The actual color of the product that you see on our website may differ slightly from what’s shown, due to lighting differences, individual pc monitor color settings, photography styles, etc.

If deemed fit for return, we will replace the returned items (subject to availability), free of cost or you can select another design in same price else refund you for the cost of the goods, to the credit/debit card used to make the purchase. If you have used the Cash-on-delivery option to make the payment, we will transfer the refunded amount to your bank account. (Details to be given in the Returns and Exchanges form).

If Damage or any other complaints, customers should send written compliant to or register complaint via our website with 48 hours after receiving the goods unless its consider as a proper deliver.

Shipping Partners

We use accredited shipping partners including Fed Ex, Speed Post, etc. We may use other shipping parties depending on the exigencies of the product(s) to be delivered.

Standard Delivery Times

All orders placed before 4pm are handed over to the courier the same day itself. Usual delivery time ranges from 5-7 days. Delivery times may get extended in case of either of the following:-

  1. The area in which the product is to be delivered is not serviceable by our shipping partners.
  2. Inability to verify the details of customer in case of COD payment method.

In case of product tampering or shipment not delivered to your address, please contact our customer care at: +91 9947533700