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Code of Conduct

Vismay ( Brand name of pavos Tex Pvt Ltd)  is an online shopping and social networking website that helps in shopping as well as connecting with people who have similar interests. People use Vismay to do online shopping, keep up with friends and others who live around them, and share similar interests. Through Vismay we intend to create a platform where people value the rights and feelings of others. This includes the third party intellectual property rights too. Hence we have established certain rules for using the facilities provided through our website. When you use Vismay, you are agreeing to abide by the user’s code of conduct, as well as the other rules stated in the website. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the termination of your account, with or without notice, as decided by Vismay in its sole discretion.

Third-party content

Vismay allows users to upload and share user generated contents like photos and videos from camera, web cam or mobile phones. You can post and share original photos and videos. You cannot post any other third party copyrighted content, like your favorite music video. We expect our users to have a good judgment and respect about the intellectual copyrights of others. Hence you cannot

  • upload or share any photos or videos or any other content other than the ones created by you or another user.
  • post any content that can violate the copyright, trademark or any other third-party right.
  • avoid any content filtering techniques that we use.

Inappropriate Content

While we give absolute freedom for people to express themselves and their point of views, we restrict certain things. We don’t allow users to post contents which are

  • obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit
  • shows unnecessary violence
  • makes threats of any sort, which can scare, harass or bully any user
  • insulting, humiliating, nasty, abusive or offensive

Unlawful or harmful content or conduct from user

We want Vismay to be a safe place on internet. Therefore, in using Vismay, you may not

  • violate the laws of any state or country or upload any content that encourages or instructs for offensive activities.
  • impersonate any person or entity nor misinterpret yourself or any details given in the profile.
  • use Vismay to send any unsolicited or advertisements , solicitations or any promotional materials, junk or spam mails, chain letters or any other methods of solicitation.
  • post or share any private, personality identifiable information about any third party.
  • ask for passwords or personal information from anyone , including those below 18 years.
  • use any information that you obtain from Vismay or any other websites or services in any manner that’s not authorized by the code of conduct of Vismay.
  • upload any content that contains malicious files or programs which can interrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of the website
  • register for more than one Vismay account or use the account or services of another user without proper authorization. You are also prevented from creating any source of false identity on any of the services provided by Vismay.
  • do any sort of predatory or stalking activities.

The above stated clauses are subject to change anytime, with or without notice, at Vismay’s sole discretion.