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How To Choose A Good Tailor?

Are there set rules to go by when you are looking for that one individual who can give you the exclusive custom-made look? Well, yes and no. You need to look around initially, ask a couple of friends with impressive styles you wouldn’t mind copying and generally keep your eyes open when you take a spin around town. There are bound to be established tailors in your locality, you can easily make this out from the dates on tags and the packets of ready -to-deliver outfits on their shelves. It is quite commonplace to find in-house tailors at fabric stores and readymade shops who willingly alter your kurtas and attach sleeves. Fine stores may also be able to refer you to good tailors. 

 Experimenting is the key. Get unstitched salwar material in regular cotton tailored, which you could wear at home in the event of a disaster. The first attempt shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you are happy with the first attempt try another two and so on. Once your trust levels are satisfactorily high, you can christen your discovery as your ‘magic fingers’.

 Appearances are deceptive 

 It is not mandatory to go the most expensive place in town to ensure a well-fitting garment. Years of experience do make a difference but a person who knows his trade and the latest trends could work for you just as fine. Your neighbourhood tailor might just be the one with creativity at his fingertips, literally! A busy tailor with a horde of assistants who measure you up might not have time to attend to your special individual needs. An understanding of styles and an ability to sift the classy from the commonplace is crucial. The effort you put in to get your clothes tailored should reward you with timeless elegance, your wardrobe should consist of outfits which you can wear over and over. 

 Look Out

At the tailor’s watch out for the churidar or salwar sets made for customers. The detailing and finish of the completed garment will give you a fairly good idea of what he or she is capable of producing. Uneven hems and stitches in contrasting colours are sure to make you go ‘ouch!’. Also watch out for telltale signs- a disgruntled client, alterations and customers complaining about delivery dates. Although, for a perfect garment, the wait is worth it. When you share your design needs, if you spot a similar passion and enthusiasm, chances are, your search has ended. Do remember though, you need a dependable person who not only delivers on time but also helps you in emergencies. 

Your tailor or seamstress should be able and willing to meet deadlines and do the rare overnight or one-hour stitching. Nodding to everything you say is not necessarily a good sign. Anyone who has seriously worked with fabrics will step in with suggestions and comments. Welcome them. When the tailor insists on trial fittings your material is in safe hands. What’s more he is particular that the finished garment fits you well. Choose a tailoring shop which specialises in ladies wear and added value by way of embroidery and crystal work to increase  your satisfaction.You believe you are one in a million. Your tailor helps you realise it.

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